Muhammad Buhari

By Igbonekwu Ogazimora - Enugu

Zik Mausoleum in the kitty; 2nd Niger Bridge on-going, and now Oguta Sea Port is seriously considered for revival and reactivation. Onitsha - Awka-Enugu-Umuahia-Aba-PH Expressway fully underway. Then the other 60 projects they hinted during election campiagns.
Give me a break, if these are happening as "ours" never considered fit, there is a thing or two we must understand. We can even ask, how come, it is always the Nigerian President of Northern extraction that comes with the gainful gestures. Obasanjo never minced words in saying, "Enugu as an international airport is mere sentiment. Let your traders and importers use Calabar and Port Harcourt." 
Jonathan swore to go on exile if he failed to do the 2nd Niger Bridge. Well, it was not done and the man had the effrontry to return for votes in 2019. Well, he was given, even to no avail.
Now, Yar'Adua defied all odds, encouraged by then members of NASS from South East, to bring about Akanu Ibiam International Airport status. I am sure you do not miss the point that Nigerians of Igbo extraction who did the job did the shodiest of such. It failed, badly too, and it is being redone by President Buhari. I am sure that when they finish the runway, they will discover the disaster called Arrival and Departure Halls. They are the worst i have personally ever seen in Nigerian. 
Now, isn't President Buhari not doing that which has to be done to remove the wedge between the enterprising people and their destiny? I think he is, even if the gesture is little and far in between.
Yes, the SE has been removed from the National Railway grid plan, but that was exactly what GEJ instituted in the original plan. He never included the entire old East.
But wait a minute, these guys who call themselves Igbo leaders, do they ever understand something called collation of development indices and repeated stamping of same in the ongoing communication space? 
Yes, we are having little, compared to what other areas of Nigeria is getting, yet we must assemble the data of the performing lines and the neglected lines, to make our arguments stronger. 
Sometimes, i marvel at the level of grandstanding of these "leaders" who take it for granted that their  common herd should understand. How would they understand something not made manifest? Or isn't true that they consider Igbo inclusion in central government as the Federal Government paying their hospital bills abroad, funding their social events and providing them elbaorate security details to awe he common herd? Thatbis justntoo bad. A thing like feeding-bottle patronage!
Truth is that aside what is daily and even minutely churned out in the formal and online (sublime) media, there is no understandable or clear statement on what is planned, ongoing or completed in the region. Rather, guess work and fanciful tales have caused the rise of a plethora of assumptions, some of which are so high that they even diminish the absurd in maddening absurdity. The ultimate result can be predicted by you and me.
Then, in the face of these dearth of credible information, you still consider yourself sufficiently rationale to question the restiveness of the youth.
Are you seroius?
I doubt.

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