There is understandable fear within and around Enugwu-Ngwo communities as the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) writes a warning letter to the Igwe of Ngwo Asaa. 

In the said letter titled 'TRESPASS ON GOVERNMENT LANDS IVA-VALLEY FOREST RESERVE ENUGU. RE: UN REGISTERED LAYOUT WITHIN THE CAPITAL CITY" and signed by the Executive Chairman of ECTDA Dr. Josef U. Onoh, the agency accused indegenes of Enugwu-Ngwo communities of 'unlawful trespass, parcelation and sale of government land...'

Recall that recently, Enugwu-Ngwo communities who have over many centuries laid claim on lands sprawling beyond the milliken hills parcelated the Eziomume Layout to its indigenes and commenced development of same.
It therefore came as a surprise to many when a letter emerged threatening the demolition of all structures erected within the layout.
While sampling opinions, people expressed optimism that dialogue would still prevail and urged the new Enugwu-Ngwo General Assembly Executive to endeavor to register the layout with the ministry of lands as that may have been the reason behind government interference.

While expressing shock, one indigene who lost property worth over 10 million naira when the state government previously took over another Enugwu-Ngwo communal land along the Iva-valley road said that it would amount to wickedness if after taking Iva-valley (now diamond estate), the state government goes ahead and takes the Eziomume layout again. 'This is so unfair' he concluded.

However, on investigation, it was discovered that the new estate was indeed not registered. It would therefore be in the best interest of the community to vigourously pursue that as a first step towards securing the layout.

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