Following the ceasation of the tenure of elected Local Governments' executive and legislative arms on the 3rd day of December 2019, the political nomenclature of 'stakeholders' has once again filled the air.
It's already all over the news as well as the social media space that '"stakeholders" have met with this or that person. The "stakeholders" have endorsed Mr. XYZ. The stake holders are meeting today to 'select'... "

One would therefore wonder 'who are really the stakeholders?' Because to a normal mind a stakeholders should be ANY person who has a stake in a thing. In this case; the local governments. 
If the above is really the true meaning of 'stakeholder', that then means that everyone of us are stakeholders in both our Local Governments of origin as well as our Local Governments of residence.
Who then are the stakeholders that are meeting and endorsing candidates for the local Governments administration?

It doesn't require magic to know that these are a bunch of self coronated demi political gods who hold the leaderships of their Local Government Areas at ransome and syphone its resources for their personal gains. What indeed is/are the job specifications of 'stakeholders' in our polity?
Then, to what extent have they performed these duties?
What impact have they really made in their environments (apart from their immediate families and  their errand boys), except springing up from their 'quiet consumption caves' to intimidate the average man with 'stakeholder' because they're desperate to maintain status quo.
The Governor of Enugu state should spring surprises on these men and leave a legacy for himself by allowing the conduct of a free and fair election process so that the will of the people will truly be done through the ballot boxes. 

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