Nze Bro. John Enwu. The outgoing President, Enugwu-Ngwo General Assembly.

-The dilemma.
As news started filtering out of the purported endorsement of Pastor Onyedika Agu for the post of President, Enugwu-Ngwo general Assembly by the Obodo ato Uwenu geopolitical block of the community, there were mixed feelings in all the political interest groups within and without the community. An interesting aspect of the whole political drama currently playing out is that the outgoing President, Nze John Enwu is from the Obodo Ato Uwenu block and it is largely believed he has endorsed a candidate to succeed him in the person of Samuel Again. People are now wondering why the Obodo Ato Uwenu, where the outgoing President is believed to be most popular, would dribble Nze John's interest in the coming elections out from the turfs. While there are anxiety in other camps in the other geopolitical half Obodo Ato Uwani, some people are expressing optimism that those moves will make Enugwu-Ngwo democracy more robust and the playing ground level for all players.

Comr. Lambert Onoh. A major contender in the presidential race of the Enugwu-Ngwo General Assembly 2019


Up until the last day of picking nomination forms for the office of the President, no Obodo ato uwenu person picked the expression of interest form. It was therefore a surprise that by the following morning, there were news everywhere that one "Okwor Nwagu" picked the form in the late hours of the last date. On the other hand, there are four candidates from Obodo ato Uwani who are contending for the same position. Initially, the Eziomume equation was most probably that he would successfully sell Sam Agu's candidature to Obodo ato Uwenu and he would get a block vote from there, then the battle ground would be Obodo ato Uwani. One would therefore be understandably shocked that Obodo Ato Uwenu would take the step it took on Saturday, 28th September, 2019 knowing that it would shoot their son in the leg. The move, being another part of the political calculation should however not be ruled out as there are many political gladiators in that camp.

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