Nze Bro. John Enwu

The immediate past president of the Enugwu-Ngwo General Assembly has reiterated his earlier submission that his government never borrowed any money from anybody all through its tenure in office.

Recall that on the day of the manifesto presentation during the run up to the just concluded election, a candidate who was contesting for the position of the President in the person of Comr. Lambert Onoh announced to everybody following the proceedings that when the John Enwu led government came into power, that the community's finances was in deficit and him, being the Vice President supported the Executive with a loan to the tune of N10,000,000 (ten million Naira).

A few hours after that, Nze John Enwu took to a radio station to deny the claim by Comr. Lambert Onoh.
During his handover speech today at the Enugwu-Ngwo Coal city Hall, Nze John emphasized once again that the claim by Comr. Lambert remains false and mischievous.

.                  Comr. Lambert Onoh

However, promptly contacted Comr. Lambert Onoh to see if there are evidences to prove his claim. He said he still had both the debit and credit alerts on his phone to prove the lending and repayment of the loan respectively.
He also forwarded to some pages of a Zenith Bank statement of account in the name of Enugwu-Ngwo General assembly in which were marked some transactions bearing the name of Lambert Onoh to the tune of a couple of millions of Naira.

He said that he still stands by his submission, maintaing that he never claimed to have given the money as a dash to the Executive, but a loan which has been fully repaid..

He therefore appeals to Nze John Enwu to kindly explain what the transactions bearing the name of Lambert Onoh in the statement were all about if not the loan transaction. is still digging to ascertain all the facts highlighting the whole drama.

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