Nigerians react over the alleged intimidation and incarceration of Miss Asaigbo beauty queen for participating in a Ponzi scheme

It was reported in The Sun Newsapaper of 24th June,2017 that the reigning former Miss Independence and current Miss Asaigbo Miss Joy Nnenne Ugwu was being remanded in prison custody at the Kiriri maximum prison, Lagos for allegedly falsely obtaining money from one Mrs Oby Onovo in a Ponzi scheme known as Me2U.
VaspoEjike blog has obtained exclusive documents which show that Miss Ugwu and others who are at larger were sued to court by Mrs Onovo who is believed to be related to a former Inspector General of Police. In the petition, Onovo claims that the beauty queen collected over a million naira in a ponzi scheme known as me2u.  Me2U is a "copycat" online peer to peer community help group which sprang up during the purported crash of MMM and promised 100% return on investments.
According to a close source who wanted to maintain anonymity: "Wonders shall never end. Since when has it become a crime for an adult to gamble with his or her money as he/she pleases? Those who lost their money in such scheme has no moral rights to use their relatives in the police force to recover such losses. It is necessary everyone mentioned in this petition should come out boldly and defend themselves as police has purportedly reported them to be at large". 

He went on to state: "Information at our disposal has helped us connect the dots with the recent arrest and detention of Miss Asaigbo as published in the sun news on 17th and 24th of June 2017"
Other people who were interviewed by VEB expressed disappointments that some highly placed people would take risks with their monies while being fully aware of the pros and cons of such actions, but would still use their influence to intimidate others if it doesn't turn out the way they expected.
Yet another respondent had this to say:
"..... It has been revealed that a Petition written by Mrs Onovo claiming to have been defrauded of 7.5m which was intended to purchase an air ticket by one Mr Yekini Olarewaju
On the same petition, she claimed to have paid money into different accounts as instructed by the travelling agency (please make una hear o o)

It was by the strength of these false claims that the Asaigbo 2017 was rounded up and whisked away to lagos not minding that she had no deals with Mrs Oby Onovo".

The drama is yet to unfold as the Asaigbo refused to be intimidated.
She was later charged to court and remanded in Prison for another version of the story in which Mrs Onovo and one of her proxy are claiming to have been defrauded by Miss Joy Ugwu who happens to be a mere participant of Me2U"
People who participate in Ponzi schemes should be matured enough to know that the outcome could be either positive or negative.


  1. Vaspo is known for digging deep to fish out the truth.
    It's amazing how beauty Queens in Nigeria are constantly subjected to cheap blackmail.
    How could someone from the revered Onovo family get so low as to use the good office of her piers to molest a fellow Enugu kingsman?

    If she was defrauded by her Yoruba friends who are residents of lagos, how come she claims they are at large while she was able to go as far south as Enugu to fish out and arrest the Asaigbo who was not even on the list of people she gave her money to?

    Is this a case of targeted profiling?

  2. Are these allegation really true? I think that there some more things that can be revealed after a proper investigation is continued.


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