How to improve your sex life without spending a dime

Watch the way you breathe when having sex as body tension can increase the possibility of premature ejaculation. Keep your weight in check. Perform kegel muscle exercises. An environment that has a red color with red stones or foods/drinks can enhance the sexual stamina of both sexes.

 If you are one of those men who are looking on how to increase sexual stamina, then you aren’t alone. Research has shown that the majority of men around the globe can only last a couple of minutes every time they are having sex with their partner. This is terrible for both you and your wife! You have probably experienced the frustration and embarrassment that can arise due to this big problem. However, there is hope!
The following tips will greatly help you increase sexual stamina and thus will make you and your lover to have an enjoyable sex.

1. Watch the Way You Breathe When Having Sex: 
Body tension can destroy a long lasting sex. So it is essential that you keep a track on the way you breathe while you are having sex. This is because the tension can increase the possibility of a premature ejaculation. You thus require taking a deep slow breath and also concentrate on your breathing patterns. Make these sound patterns to be natural and rhythmic. You can even try to match your spouse’s breathing if you want to create a feeling of more togetherness.

2. Keep your Weight in Balance 
Many of the people who are tackling arousal and sexual stamina issues are also people who are tackling some issues with their weight. You find that people who are trying to increase sexual stamina are also exercising in bid to lose their weight. It is advisable to avoid over-training because it is also going to negatively affect your sexual activity and stamina.

3. Kegel PC Muscle Exercises 
By performing kegel exercises, you can greatly improve your intimate life. These exercises are very easy to perform. They work your PC muscles which usually control the ejaculation reflex. To make this exercise work, flex your muscles in such a way as if you are cutting the flow of your urine. repeat as often as possible. it is also worthy of note that this will help increase your orgasm intensity and duration.

4. Surround Yourself with Red Color 
An environment that has red color as well as red stones or red foods and drinks play a key role in enhancing the sexual stamina of both sexes. If a woman is going on a date with a man, she is mostly advised to wear red color since it plays a very big role in increasing her partner’s arousal. Red is as cheap as anything else. No one should say that they cannot afford to have a red environment around them.

Disclaimer: the points outlined above is only advisory. It should not replace a doctor's role. This is because some sexual deficiencies can be as a result of ill heath or infections which will need doctor's attention.


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