Vaspo Jokes... SO FUNNY!!! Losing weight!!!

A fat man saw an advertisement which says "lose 5kg in a week".

He called & said "i would like to join"!

Lady : Ok be ready tomorrow at 6am.

Next morning He opens the door & finds a hot babe with shoes, underpants & shirt saying 

"If u catch me u can sleep wit me!" & the girl starts running.

Guy starts running but couldn't catch her. so during the whole week he tried to catch her 

but couldn't & lost 5kg.

... He then asks for the 10 kg program. Next morning at 6 he opens the door & saw even 

hotter babe in bikini saying if u catch me u can sleep wit me. He lost 10 kg dat week, so he 

thought this program is awesome! Lets try 25kg, but the lady said are you sure? Its really 

tough!! next day at 6 he opens the door expecting to see a nude babe, but finds a nude 

man saying "If i catch u i will sleep with u!!"that week he lost 40kg....

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