The results of the Nigerian Ankara Challenge...

The Nigerian Ankara Challenge was initiated by the Admin team of the Social media Page known as "Cutest Ankara Designs" with the intent of rewarding its Nigerian fans and entrenching the culture of celebrating African attires and designs. It was open to only fans of the page who were instructed to upload their personal pictures, where they adorn local fabrics and designs. The three contestants with the highest number of votes from other fans of the page become the winners of the First, Second and Third prices. Ten contestants entered for the race and below are details of their standings in the competition. We say "Congratulations" to the winners who will be contacted soonest, and their prices presented to them.
The admins of the page and organisers of the competition have stated that the next phase of the competition would be bigger and better as it will involve designers as well as models. keep your fingers crossed as we await the next bumper package from the stables of CAD.

Below are the contestants and their scores:

Number: #001
Name:Olajide Adetolu Bosedeu
Total votes:131 I
nvalid votes: 27
Valid votes: 104
Position: 1st (Winner)

 Number: #002
Name:M.C Ujam
Total votes: 118
Invalid votes: 38
Valid votes: 80
Position: 3rd

Name: Eke Vera
Total votes: 52
Invalid votes: 6
Valid votes: 46
Position: 6th

 Number: #004
Name: Ojo Ibironke
Total votes: 137
Invalid votes: 36
Valid votes: 101
Position: 2nd

 Number: #005
Name: Benita Njuale
Total votes: 63
Invalid votes: 6
Valid votes: 57
Position: 4th

Number: #006
Name: Arobo Emelda
Total votes: 115
Invalid votes: 62
Valid votes: 53
Position:  5th

Number: #007
Name: Ajani Banke
Total votes: 38
Invalid votes: 4
Valid votes: 34
Position: 8th

 Number: #008
Name: Priceless Jewel Meggigold
Total votes: 30
Invalid votes: 6
Valid votes: 24
Position: 9th

 Number: #009
Name: Betty Tin Pei Oniah
Total votes: 60
Invalid votes: 21
Valid votes: 39
Position: 7th

 Number: #010
Name: Akpe Gloria Achu
Total votes: 20
Invalid votes: 2
Valid votes 18
Position: 10th
NB: Valid votes are votes by people who like our page as well as the contestant's picture. Invalid votes are votes by people who are not fans of our page. Total votes are the sum total of all the valid and invalid votevotes.

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