The Traditional marriage ceremony of Henry Iyke and Nwakaego Ibekwe...

On Monday, 26th December 2016, the town of Owa-Imezi welcomed the high and mighty from Ngwuo as Henry Iyke (Single) went to pay the bride price of his "other half", former Miss Nwakaego Mary Ibekwe... The Israel based businessman gave account of how he met the dentist bride when he came back to Nigeria to establish some branches of his business and how it has been a jolly good ride ever since then... We all at wish them a blissful Union, and we hope to see the "... happily ever after..." Side of their marriage. Enjoy the titbits in pics...
Arriving Ezeagu with Sir. Vic. Eze-ego 1 of Italy.
Chief Hon. Moses Onyia. Agubandieze Igbo Abuja
Hon. John Eze. Prince of Coal city
Lolo Cecil Eze and chief Mrs Hannah  digging the Igba ndi Eze dance
The pretty ladies were on ground
Pretty bunch
Hon. Sam Agu and Hon. A.J (SPA Legal)
Ozo Gab Onyia (Mkpakala ga ama ózò) flanked by Ichie Ezekwesili and Agubandieze

The bride's mom
Miss Jumai DanAhmed
Mr. Vaspo and friends
The selling of eggs...
Searching for single...
Parental blessings...
Parental blessings continues...


  1. This is lovely.. Thank you Vaspo, for posting these pictures so that does of us that wasn't there could enjoy it also... Kudos!!!

  2. Keep the ball rolling vaspo


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