Hurray!!! MMM reverses it's decision to freeze all mavros till January 15!!!

This is indeed a good news to all Participants of MMM Nigeria as MMM Nigeria is set to release all Mavros that has grown for 30 days. 
In a release by Chuddy- Nigeria's guider 1, he assures participants that they can withdraw their moneis even before January, but that the system will do that in a controlled manner to checkmate a scenario where GHing will be more than PHing... This we confirm in the statement issued by the MMM Officials. Read Full gist below "This Christmas period everyone would want to GH and that won't be good for the system, so this freezing will control the rate of GH and make it orderly. Note: people GH mostly only on Tuesday and Thursday, but now people will be GHing daily as soon as their mavro is released; and you know everybody's mavro won't be released on the same day, therefore there's bound to be controlled GH. SO TELL YOUR DOWNLINES: for those whose mavro is up to one month but you can't GH, don't worry; within 24 hours the eligible ones will be released so they can GH. The system has to freeze all at the same time (both the eligible and ineligible ones) so that it'll then take time to release the ones up to 30 days NOTE: all these are measures to ensure that MMM stays alive till and beyond 2017. Our rush to GH has now been slowed down, for the sustainability of our community. MMM pays! Together we build the world!! Guider Chuudy, Nigeria Number 1 Guider explains further in his note below
"Dear mavrodians, my mission here is to make us properly understand this new message that seems to be causing panic out there in the hearts of all MMM participants. The message does NOT say that nobody will be able to GH until January, instead the message is saying that you will not be able to GH until after 30days that you actually made the payment of your PH and the recipient confirms. Meaning that your money must actually spend minimum of 30days outside. So for example, if you PH 100K on 5th November, and you are matched to pay on 10th November, assuming that you made the payment but the recipient does not confirm your order until 15th November when he finally comfirms receipt of your payment. From that instant (15th November), your mavros will change status to "CONFIRMED" ( irrespective of colour Blue or Green ), so you will only be able to request for help (GH) on that particular 100k + 30% growth as from 15th December. It is not that you can't GH before January. Please spread this to all your downlines"

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