U.S Presidential election and the rest of us...What made Clinton lose

The United State's General elections is unarguably the most anticipated, most talked about, and most influential election in  the world. This is largely because of the role of the U.S as the "police of the world" and it is believed that whatever happens in the white house have direct or indirect influence on every other nation of the world.

political analysts look forward to every U.S election year, clerics show off their prowes in prophecies and predictions of the winners and losers of the election, the common man in virtually every corner of the globe talks about the elections even when they have never been to the U.S, let alone being eligible to vote, many stay awake through many nights just to watch the presidential debates. these are people who may never as much as visit the U.S in their lifetime!

Why then is the U.S election giving sleepless nights to all and sundry?
The middle East thinks that a continuation of the Democrats would maintain the reduced battering of that region by successive Republican Governments. The Arab world, though not totally comfortable with anything American, still enjoys more peace, room for dialogues, and reduced threat of western intimidation. This keeps the average Arab concerned about whatever goes on in American politics.

Almost all  citizens in Africa believe that the U.S is solely responsible for installing any president in the continent and directly or indirectly determine the rate of development in the continent. This makes an African on the street to stay glued to the news any time U.S election is mentioned.

The Europeans believe their greatest rival is the United states. Hence, while the various European Governments are struggling to install people who would be easy for them to control and manipulate, the citizenry are praying that there should not be war as may be influenced by whoever emerges as the president of the U.S.

Asia believes that the rate at which their markets are taking over global commerce, poses serious threats to the U.S, and that this perceived threat would make U.S to go extra miles to sabotage the Asian market in order to keep them subdued and maintain its "underdog" status. For this, Asians give their time to follow what goes on in American politics.

South America is always the grasses that suffer whenever two American elephants fight politically! Mexicans are always at the receiving end of the punches as their labour force is always on the weighing balance as well as their I/Emigrationwhich pose very serious issues of discus in American politics. The whole of Mexico was recently threatened when Donald Trump threatened to sack all illegal immigrants (which constitutes a larger chunk of the Mexican population in the U.S). This keeps many average Mexicans awake whenever American elections come up. To everyone in the world the United State's election is directly or indirectly connected.

The 2016 Election of media wars and propaganda
with media houses like CNN et al being tactfully pro Hillary and Trump-phobic, and Fox being on the other side of the divide; it was a battle of wits and struggles to outsmart the opposing parties with propaganda.
While CNN was out to destroy Trump's image with media wars and image battering, Fox was standing on the other side of the divide to do same to Hillary Clinton.
 It all went on dramatically till the last days of the campaigns; then the Republicans struck that blow! that news of the email scandal finally nailed Clinton's coffin. coupled with the fact that the opinions in many quarters has it that Americans are most likely not yet ready for a female president! This is also in addition to other factors which analysts say contributed to Clinton's losing of the election.

Now the second section of the waiting game starts as everybody is now anxious to know what a man who had never had any experience in politics can achieve.
All fingers are crossed.
Meanwhile, Congratulations to Donal J. Trump

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