MMM: Pastor E.A. Adeboye endorses MMM lectures in RCCG churches

For those of you still doubting the authenticity and spirituality of MMM, hear from Pa Adeboye

General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye, has said the Church is meant to take care of all aspects of members life, both spiritual and physical and not one sided as against the opinion of some people that the church is turning to a market place.

He made this reaction days after outspoken OAP, Freeze called him out over the activities of some of his parish pastors who allowed marketing of money lending/interest platform called, ‘Mavrodi Mondial Movement’ (MMM) inside one of the parishes of Redeemed church during a Sunday service.

One of Daddy G.O’s media aides, Pastor Olakunmi Oyewale, told Celeb Police on Thursday November 3, 2016, after the complain got to the hierarchy of the church that is not absolutely wrong to do so if it’s not against the law of the country and if the purpose is to empower the members of the church.

“It depends on the purpose. If it’s actually to empower the people of the church, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I saw something similar to that MMM you mentioned online, facebook, but I’ve not been able to analyse it very well. If it’s not against the law and it’s not something that is dubious, but to empower the church I don’t think it’s bad because, you should understand that the church is not just about taking care of the spiritual needs of the people alone. The church cuts across every spheres of the member’s life and so far it’s not something that’s illegal or something that is not unscriptural.”

On the allegation of turning the church to a market place, Pastor Olakunmi said, “It’s not really about turning the church to a market place, people should understand that, like I said, the church is multi-faceted, and when they focused on just one aspect of member’s life and does not take care of the other aspects, then the church becomes one sided. So the church should be balanced in all areas.”

Freeze had blasted the reverend man of God over the activities of his pastors saying “The love of money and religion remain Nigeria’s greatest problems. If I talk now, you people will start saying rubbish, if I call their G.O out, you people will say “touch not my anointed, saying many of these churches are leading their members to the slaughter, not the pasture.”

 MMM is real. MMM pays.

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