Shocking!!! See why Don Jazzy may never marry!!!!

By Rotimi Agbana It has finally become a norm for die-hard fans to say or do crazy things to attract the attention of a celebrity they love, gain media attention, or attain quick fame. During the week, news went viral on social media about a lady, Olaide Abisola, who vowed that if Mavin boss, Don Jazzy doesn’t marry her she would not get married to any other man. She went as far as placing a spiritual curse on the talented hit-maker, saying he won’t be able to marry any other woman if he didn’t marry her. Don Jazzy Speaking exclusively with Potpourri, on why she made such a grave utterance, she made a rather disturbing revelation. “My dear, it’s actually a joke, but look at the way it went viral! Yes, I’m not kidding it was a joke. I actually wanted the fame and I got it, I just want to be known because I’m going into acting soon”, she said. Following the quick fame she has now achieved, she has been celebrating it on her social media page, throwing stinkers at whoever cares to criticise her. “Thanks for the fame, just what I needed. To all my haters out there enjoy your noon with this, more comments please. They are just fooling themselves, all the insults no remove one hair for my body, jobless people”, she wrote. Read more at:

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