BOMBSHELL!!! Read an Hausa man's thoughts about the Igbos...

Abubakar, Dakata, Kano
Igbos Are Not Fools, They Do Not Hate Themselves As We Thought. - Idris

I think and believed in Nigeria today, Igbos love themselves more than every other tribes.. If you see any Igbo rich business man, listen to his story how he get to where he is today, he will always start with. I was a poor boy at home with my parents when my uncle, brother, or relation took me and brought me to the city to learn trade with him and finally settled me to start my own.

1] You will see one Igbo man who has trained and settled more than 100 young men and all are doing well in their businesses.
2] It is only Igbo man that I have seen who would train a child that is not his in schools up to the university level.
3] Only Igbo man would send a relation abroad to go and find means to survive without minding how much it cost him.
4] Every Igbo man want his brother to live comfortably and don't have to rely on others.
5] Igbo man would rather teach you how to catch a fish than to give you already catch fish.
6] When an Igbo man marries, he takes good care of his wife and children unlike the other tribes that doesn't respect their wives.
7] My sister Murna has always said that she would love to marry an Igbo man because they know how to take good care of their wives and those related to her.
8] Igbo man, no matter what and where he maybe would always have home at heart and wherever they see their people, they make themselves known.
9] Wherever they are, they would surely have Igbo meetings and gatherings of their local governments people.
10] Igbo man would go to meetings every Sunday where they meet with their people.

I wonder how anyone could say that Igbos don't love themselves, In fact we jealous about Igbo people for how united and together they come all the time. When something happen to one of them, they would come together and assist. I have seen people from other tribes buried here when they died, but when an Igbo die here they must gather and take the body home in solidarity.

Things Igbo people do together I never see in other tribes in Nigeria. An Hausa or Yoruba rich man would never do anything to help you, they rather be giving you 20 Naira every time they see you that is after you must greeted them tire.

If Biafra goes away from Nigeria, I will be the first to apply for their visa, I want stay with them very intelligent people, they know how to make things happen. - Idris Abubakar, Dakata, Kano.

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