Tuesday exclusive: List of recruiting organisations and open vacancies...

Employment opportunities.

1.) Nigerian Breweries Plc recruitment for Management Trainees, October 2016  - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/nigerian-breweries-plc-recruitment-for_38.html

2.) First Bank of Nigeria recruitment, October 2016 - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/first-bank-of-nigeria-recruitment.html

3.) Etisalat Nigeria recruitment for Entry Level and Experienced Graduates - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/ongoing-recruitment-at-etisalat-for.html

4.) KPMG Audit Graduate Trainee recruitment 2016 - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/kpmg-audit-graduate-trainee-recruitment.html

5.) Entry Level recruitment in a Leading Nigerian Bank - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/entry-level-recruitment-in-leading.html

6.) Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Lagos Job Vacancies - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/four-points-by-sheraton-hotel-lagos-job.html

7.) General Electric Jobs in Nigeria for Graduate Field Engineers - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/general-electric-jobs-in-nigeria-for.html

8.) ipNX Nigeria Limited Jobs in Lagos - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/ipnx-nigeria-limited-jobs-in-lagos.html

9.) Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) Job Vacancies in Nigeria - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/institute-of-human-virology-nigeria.html

10.) USAID Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/usaid-jobs-in-abuja-nigeria-october.html

11.) FHI 360 Jobs in Nigeria - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/fhi-360-jobs-in-nigeria-october-13th.html

12.) Nigerian Breweries Plc recruitment for Trainee Shift Managers (Packaging) - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/nigerian-breweries-plc-recruitment-for_18.html

13.) Nigerian Breweries Plc recruitment for Trainee Shift Manager (Brewing) - http://www.jobzilla.ng/2016/10/nigerian-breweries-plc-recruitment-for.html

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