Open letter to General Gowon by a Biafran

Dear General Gowon,

It is my prayer that this open letter finds you well. I write you today because I believe that you are a Christian and hence, you would understand me. I also hope to keep it short because I have noticed that you have been busy lately. Now, here are my words for you:

General Odumegwu Ojukwu is dead! His burial rites attest to his greatness and eternity in the hearts of his people.

While Ojukwu was living, you only prayed. You never talked about Biafra or what happened during the war and after. All you did was to pray to God in heaven. Pray! Pray! Pray!! that is all you did and I can understand it. With Ojukwu alive, it was safer for you to pray than to talk. If you said some of the things you have been saying recently while Ojukwu lived, the people's General would have corrected you with truth.You would not have stepped your feet on the soil of Eastern Nigeria. But you chose to pray and I commend you for your wisdom in choosing to pray instead.

Now, that Ojukwu is dead and Gone to heaven, you have stopped praying and started talking. Are you afraid that Ojukwu will tell God the truth? Or are you talking behind the General because he is not here to respond to you? In Igbo culture and even in Christianity, it is evil to speak behind another person, especially someone who is not in a position to defend himself or herself.

Please, brother Gowon, General Ojukwu is dead! If you are looking for something to say, talk about the Fulani Herdsmen that are invading villages, including yours or you can talk about the food meant for the poor IDPs that has been diverted by the same northern leaders that are supposed to be protecting them or you can talk about the Nigerian female prisoners that have been converted to sex slaves by the prison officials. Do you need more things that you can talk about in the Nigeria you starved children to death to keep one?

Lastly General Gowon, you cannot stop the wind of Freedom because freedom is of God. The quest for Biafra freedom would outlive you and all those who fought against it. This may be a harsh reality but you have to learn to live with it.
I trust that you get this message and wish you God's blessings as you return to praying. I will be praying with you when you do.
Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Rev Joshua Amaezechi MDiv

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    Gowon led us to this unpleasant state in the country. On the 29th of July, his main theme, was ARABA, ie, secession. He further made a statement,'THERE IS NO BASIS FOR UNITY IN NIGERIA'.Why then did he not have the courage to let my people go? It was not the Muslims that we have problem with during the war but with a christian leader.He also went further by creating states to stop the emergence of BIAFRA. In a nutshell, he put us in this big MESS.


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