Hurray! End of DSTV monopoly in Nigeria as INNOSON is set to launch affordable satellite TV...

And It Came To Pass

I return all the Glory to God for all the wonderful things that happened to us at Innoson Group for the past two days. We were privileged to play host to our Foreign Strategic Partners comprising various Chinese Investment Group which includes;

i. Shangdong Broadcasting Group Ltd
ii. Shangdong Cable Interactive Services Ltd
iii. Inspur Group Ltd

These Consortium of Chinese investors was led by Liu Baoju, a Deputy Minister of Communist Party of China in Shandong Province who is equally the Chairman of Shandong Broadcasting Group and Shandong Cable Interactive Service Ltd, the world’s biggest TV operators and Huang Gang, Senior Vice President of Inspur Group and President of its Oversea Headquarters.

Inspur Group is China’s foremost leader in cloud computer solution supplier and cloud service provider involving all IT applications.

We were privileged to meet the Vice President on Monday Oct 24th 2016 where he received us warmly and assured of the Federal Government for the Investment Projects I and my strategic foreign partners intend to do in Nigeria within the next 12 months.

These projects includes;

Establishing within the next one year, the latest technology and biggest DTH (Direct-To-Home) Digital BING Television Station across all states of Nigeria. BING TV is a new Pay TV to be introduced by Innoson Group.

It must be noted that the only available Direct-To-Home (DTH) service currently operating DTH service in Nigeria is owned by a South-African company and is not affordable to the average Nigerian. With the entrance of BING TV an average Nigerian will now have access and watch their popular programs in high definition picture quality with CD quality sound effects.

Also we shall set up the Innoson Digital Set-Top-Box manufacturing complex, the biggest of its kind in the whole of Africa. This will go a long way to assist Nigeria switchover completely from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting.

With your prayers and support these projects shall come to pass because it shall generate over 10,000 jobs for Nigerians. Let’s keep believing in Nigeria so that we all can put hand to move Nigeria forward.

To God alone be all the Glory

Innocent Chukwuma.

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