Free for all fight as Enugu Ngwo General elections manifesto day holds...

Chime Ejike Chime.

There were drama and intrigues as Enugwu Ngwuo held its manifesto day at the Coal city Hall. The event is part of the election process to produce a leadership for the community. It was declared open at about 11am on Saturday 8th October, 2016. Prior to the commencement of the event, names of candidates who scaled through the screening process were pasted at the entrance of the hall. This marked the beginning of murmuring and complaints as some candidates felt they were unjustly screened out to the advantage of their opponents. Some brief explanations were given by the HRH. Igwe I.O.U Ayalogu the Traditional ruler of the community as well as Ven. Lemuel C Ojih who is heading the electoral committee. The explanation didn't go down well with the disqualified candidates who include: Ani Kenneth ((Koffi), Udeh Chijioke (Ukwunakpoenyi), and Victor Ochiagha Onoh (Ozomac). At some point, while the Igwe was still addressing the people, Ani Kenneth continued to raise his hand that he wanted to speak. When he was given the chance to speak, he insisted that the reasons for his disqualification be made known to the general house. When the committee was not forthcoming with the requested explanation, voices started rising, pushes started coming, name-calling started... After some time, Mr. Ani accepted to sit. But at that point, the Igwe had made up his mind on the action to take. According to him, for the insult Mr. Ani gave to the gathering, he stated that with his authority as the Igwe, and regardless of the electoral committee's decision, Mr. Kenneth Ani stands disqualified by him(the Igwe). At that pronouncement, Mr. Ani stormed out of the venue promising to meet the committee in court.
The manifesto commenced and moved on peacefully until one of the Presidential aspirants and a labour leader Comrade Lambert Onuigbo finished presenting his manifesto and was waiting to take questions...
Mr. Paul Ugwu who just returned from the UK collected the microphone, but instead of asking questions started digressing. This was met with shouts of "questions! Questions!" From the crowd but it all fell on deaf ears as Mr. Ugwu was not ready to give up even after appeals by the organisers for him to follow the laid down procedure. Dragging of the microphone commenced, exchange of angry words joined, voices added some crescendo... At this point, Honourable Nonso Ugwu, who is a younger brother to Mr. Paul jumped in and started throwing punches at the member of the electoral committee who was exchanging words with Paul. People from the congregation angrily jumped on the two brothers to give them a thorough pounding, but for the intervention of some elders who took them outside, nobody can say what the outcome would have been. However, the event recommenced after about 20 minutes of rowdiness and later came to a peaceful climax at about 4.00pm.
The closing prayer and blessings was done by Venerable Dennis Chime, the Archdeacon in charge of the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Ngwuo.
The election will be held on Saturday 15th October, 2016.
People are believing there would be better security on the date.
-Chime Ejike Chime

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