Enugu Community almost washed away by erosion...

Amuzam Community in Ngwo, Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu State is at the verge of being washed away by erosion! This a problem that started about ten years ago with just a little gully measuring about ten metres. The residents of that axis made efforts to checkmate the expanding threat by using sandbags and planting of bamboo trees to stop, or at least reduce the flow of runoff water that is naturally channelled to that area due to the slopy topography of Amuzam. They were soon to be shocked with the dawning reality; all their efforts were in vain, as both the bamboos and the sandbags were washed away by the raging current. This was followed by the washing away of perimeter fencing of some residential homes in the area...
Alarm was raised and "luckily" the international organisation: Newmap decided to intervene. The project was evaluated and the cost; decided. News have it in the community that what has hindered the commencement of work on the site is the delay by the state government to to contribute its 10 percent counterpart funding; without which Newmap will not commence work. In August, a poultry farm with the capacity of 3000 birds, belonging to Engr. Thom Anichebe was sacrificed by/to the huge appetite of the erosion. This prompted the women of the area to embark on a peaceful demonstration which they carried to the residence of the Executive Chairman of Enugu North Local Government; Rt. Hon. Isaac Igwe who, through one of his political aides promised to hasten government's action in tackling the menace. He went ahead to donate bags of cement, trips of sand, gravel, and lump stones which are being used as a temporary measure to delay the expansion pending the state Government's intervention. As at the time of this report, three duplexes belonging to Engr. Thom Anichebe, and Engr. Oji are just being seperated from the gully by only about five feet of sand. This has led to the relocation of their families while they hope for help. The question now is: when will help come?
-Chime Ejike Chime


  1. God help us..even old enugu onisha road in the same dilemma..see how the mighty are falling..odi egwu

    1. I believe if we start helping ourselves by eschewing the mentality of eka gba-ani and imeama dichotomy, then God will see the "bread and fish" in our hands and then multiply them.


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