BREAKING: (update) Boko Haram frees 21 Chibok girls

Unconfirmed reports from sources in Maiduguri say 21 girls abducted from Girls Secondary School in Chibok Bornu State by Boko Haram militants may have been rescued by the military.

Military hierarchy or government, sources close to the Borno state government said that some girls were brought to the air force hospital in Maiduguri, but could not confirm if they were girls abducted from Chibok or not.

The girls are said to be undergoing screening to determine their state of health as well as their profile.
A CNN report quoting Nigerian Government says that the release of the girls was the result of a negotiation between the Boko Haram fighters and the government in Geneva.
The report says that the girls were handed over by Boko Haram terrorists group adding that no Boko Haram fighter held by government was released in exchange for the girls.

One of the abducted girls, Aminat Ali Nkeki was rescued in May 2016 during a raid on Sambisa forest by the military.

Also in August, the terrorist group Boko Haram released a ‘proof of life’ video of the girls.

Over 200 girls had been abducted from their hostels at government secondary school, chibok in borno state in april 2014.

The girls abduction had raised a world wide condemnation including the UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and U.S First Lady Michelle Obama, culminating in the formation of the group, BringBackOurGirls, that have been at the forefront of pushing for the release of the girls

Source: The Sun

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